...to take my workout on the road

Kettlebell Weight Grip

Kettle Bell Grip
Take your kettle bell workout on the road! The KettleGryp handle allows you to turn a regular dumbbell into a kettle bell and keep your routine consistent. It is made in the U.S. from [...]
...to surf in bed

Bean Bag Tablet Holder

Tablet bean bag
Tired of the iPad pillow prop? Having a hard time keeping your kindle up? Buy ’em a bean bag! This ingenious little tablet holder allows you to use your phone or tablet in a [...]
...to track my health and fitness

Urban Health Tracker Leaf

Urban Leaf Health Tracker
Forget the FitBit – this beautiful little leaf can track your steps, the distance you’ve moved, and the calories you’ve burned. It also is synced wirelessly with an app (Apple or Android), and can [...]
...to fire the landscaper

Robotic Lawnmower

Robotic Lawnmower
Keep your keister on the couch, and leave the landscaping to the droids. This rechargeable robotic lawnmower will take care of cutting the grass and then return to its charging station, so you can [...]
...to fight off frosted fingers

Zippo Harley-Davidson Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer
Defend against frozen digits with this lighter-esque hand warmer from Zippo. A single charge of lighter fluid will keep your fingers warm for up to 12 hours, which is perfect for hunting trips, or [...]
...to find the potty in the dark

Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light

Toilet Bowl Light
Stop stumbling around the bathroom at night with this motion sensing LED toilet light. Waterproof unit senses your body heat when you enter the room, and bathes your bowl in one of 16 different [...]
...to sing along with Han Solo

Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

Millennium Falcon Speaker
Dream of making the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, while singing along to the twelve-bar blues of your favorite band. This Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan [...]
...to stop sweeping up cat litter

Top Entry Litter Box

Covered Litter Box
Keep your kitty’s litter where it belongs, with this modern top entry litter box. The Modkat makes sure fluffy doesn’t fling litter across the floor when she buries her business, and the specially designed [...]
...to feel the churn

Hand Butter Churn

hand crank butter churn
Better butter is a beautiful thing. Not only does this Kilner churn crank out a homemade batch of great tasting butter in only about 10 minutes, but it also allows you to experiment with [...]
...to take a seat when there isn't one

Foldable Travel Pocket Chair

foldable portable chair
Keep your keister up off the ground with this nifty portable travel seat. It’s roughly the size of a soda can, but telescopes out to hold up to 220 pounds of hiney when you [...]