...to take Fido for a ride

Doggie Sunglasses

Dog Sunglasses
Protect your pooch’s peepers with these fashionable pink sunglasses. Glasses protect from wind, debris, and UV light, and include adjustable elastic back and chin straps to keep them from falling off when Fido sticks [...]
...to stop sweeping up cat litter

Top Entry Litter Box

Covered Litter Box
Keep your kitty’s litter where it belongs, with this modern top entry litter box. The Modkat makes sure fluffy doesn’t fling litter across the floor when she buries her business, and the specially designed [...]
...to give my tiny dog a view

PetPeek Fence Window

PetPeek Fence
Give your nosy pooch a peep hole to the world outside your yard. This acrylic dome allows Fido to see that the grass isn’t actually greener without climbing over the fence to check.
...for a cat nap

Mod Dream Pod

Cat pod
Tired of fluffy sleeping in your favorite chair? Give your kitty the gift of their own heated comfy cubby, and you can reclaim your favorite spot.
...to feed my cat with my phone

Automatic Pet Feeder

automatic pet feeder
Don’t make your pet suffer because you were running late. Feed Fluffy from anywhere with only your phone.