...to build and defend

Minecraft Sword & Pickaxe

Minecraft Sword Axe
Manage mobs and mine for minerals with this handy 2-for-1 Minecraft tool. This plastic pickaxe transfors into a diamond sword – perfect for fighting off zombies, wolves, spiders, or even the enderdragon. Diamond ore [...]
...to kick flip like Tony Hawk

Skateboard Trick Trainer

Skateboard Trainer
Tired of kissing the concrete every time you try an Ollie? Is learning to kick flip kicking your butt? Let these brilliant rubber slip-ons stop your wheels so you can stop falling while you [...]
...to find the potty in the dark

Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light

Toilet Bowl Light
Stop stumbling around the bathroom at night with this motion sensing LED toilet light. Waterproof unit senses your body heat when you enter the room, and bathes your bowl in one of 16 different [...]
...for my next rave

Furry Rainbow Leg Warmers

Furry Rainbow Leg Warmers
Get your multi-colored freak on, and stay warm while you do it with these furry rainbow leg warmers. They are perfect for your next 80’s party, rave, or just watching Flashdance while eating Skittles.
...to channel my inner Link

Legend of Zelda Ocarina

Zelda Ocarina
Lots of video games have been turned into lousy movies, but Legend of Zelda is the only we know of to inspire a symphony. Now you can jam to “Nocturne of Shadow” and the [...]
...to sing along with Han Solo

Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

Millennium Falcon Speaker
Dream of making the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, while singing along to the twelve-bar blues of your favorite band. This Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan [...]
...to count by 15's

Walnut Cribbage Set

Do you wanna play cards, or a board game? Now you can answer “both” with this handsome board and peg set. Who could hate a game that is 400 years old, and allows you [...]
...to give my daughter a dream kitchen

Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Uptown Espresso Kitchen
Why should parents get all the stainless steel appliances, while the kids get stuck with boring white? Give your child a toy kitchen makeover that will make them the envy of the entire tea [...]
...to crank out some fluffernutters

Marshmallow Fluff

Every kid deserves to experience a peanut butter and fluff sandwich (aka the fluffernutter). With this giant tub ‘o fluff you can make enough for every kid in your neighborhood.
...to never go back to the beach

Tabletop Sand Box

tabletop sandbox
Indulge in the fun of playing in the sand while avoiding all the chafing. This little beauty, when paired with Brookstone’s special sand, will let you build castles to your heart’s content all year [...]