...to focus on hot coffee

Nikon Lens Coffee Mug

Nikon Lens Mug
Picture yourself drinking a hot cup of coffee – literally. This stainless steel thermos mug looks just like a Nikon 24-70mm lens – the perfect gift for any photography buff. Comes with a matching [...]
...to feel the churn

Hand Butter Churn

hand crank butter churn
Better butter is a beautiful thing. Not only does this Kilner churn crank out a homemade batch of great tasting butter in only about 10 minutes, but it also allows you to experiment with [...]
...to grab a plate from the dishwasher.

Dish Nanny

Dishwasher sign
Who among us hasn’t drunk half a cup of coffee, before finding the lipstick on the rim of the cup? Eliminate the guesswork of grabbing a plate from the dishwasher with this clever magnetic [...]
...to take on 20% of my day

Soylent Meal Replacement

Don’t waste time and energy trying to decide what to eat for lunch – just grab a bottle of Cacao flavored Soylent, and get back to work. This amazing meal replacement drink provides 20% [...]
...to make great coffee without electricity

French Press Coffee & TeaMaker

French Press
Whether you love or hate the French, you have to admit they make a great cup of coffee. And you can too – even when the power is out – with this French Press [...]
...to kick my cold's butt

Hey Girl Feel Better

Hey Girl Tea
Don’t let a cold or flu take you off your game – fight back with some immune system boosting herbal tea! This natural hot beverage has everything you need to stick it to the [...]
...for when the grocery stores are empty

Vegetable Seed Survival Garden

survival seeds
Don’t find yourself eating Alpo when food gets scarce – be ready with your own vegetable garden! This handy pack of heirloom seeds will allow you to plant over an acre of renewable food [...]
...to make breakfast for the kids

Death Star Waffle Maker

death star waffle maker
Embrace your inner Jedi and whip up a planet-shattering breakfast for the kids. Because when it comes to making awesome food for your family, either do, or do not. There is no try…
...to crank out some fluffernutters

Marshmallow Fluff

Every kid deserves to experience a peanut butter and fluff sandwich (aka the fluffernutter). With this giant tub ‘o fluff you can make enough for every kid in your neighborhood.
...to drink from a puddle

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Life Straw
Never be caught without clean drinking water again! This portable miracle allows you to suck up to 1000 liters of bog water without wrecking your intestines.