...to finally have more than peach fuzz.

Costume Beard and Mustache

Fake beard and mustache
Looking to finally find the facial hair of your dreams? Need a quick fix for a botched buzz? This almost realistic costume beard will beef up your profile and save you from the scruffy [...]
...to surf in bed

Bean Bag Tablet Holder

Tablet bean bag
Tired of the iPad pillow prop? Having a hard time keeping your kindle up? Buy ’em a bean bag! This ingenious little tablet holder allows you to use your phone or tablet in a [...]
...to breathe through my nose again

Neti Pot Sinus Cleaner

Neti Pot
Clear congestion and sluice the snot from your sinuses with the ComfyPot sinus rinse. The comfortable silicon nozzles make a tight seal against your nostril to prevent spillage, and the ceramic pot is dishwasher [...]
...to focus on hot coffee

Nikon Lens Coffee Mug

Nikon Lens Mug
Picture yourself drinking a hot cup of coffee – literally. This stainless steel thermos mug looks just like a Nikon 24-70mm lens – the perfect gift for any photography buff. Comes with a matching [...]
...to fight off frosted fingers

Zippo Harley-Davidson Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer
Defend against frozen digits with this lighter-esque hand warmer from Zippo. A single charge of lighter fluid will keep your fingers warm for up to 12 hours, which is perfect for hunting trips, or [...]
...to laugh in the bathroom

Dumping Elephant Shower Curtain

Elephant Shower Curtain
Give your bathroom guests a laugh with this striking shower curtain. The beautiful print of the elephant doing his business will make you smile whenever you see it.
...to find the potty in the dark

Motion Sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light

Toilet Bowl Light
Stop stumbling around the bathroom at night with this motion sensing LED toilet light. Waterproof unit senses your body heat when you enter the room, and bathes your bowl in one of 16 different [...]
...to dress up for Halloween

Unicorn Animal Head Mask

Unicorn Mask
Finding a simple yet mildly disturbing Halloween costume is as rare as … seeing a unicorn! This quality mask will work for kids or adults, and even accommodates those wearing glasses, so you will [...]
...to cover up my man stink

Man Cave Scented Candles

Man Cave Scented Candles
Don’t let your manly musk clear out your man cave. Instead of showering just light off one of these masculine scented candles (Straight Razor, Leather, or Mahogany), and your scent is covered.
...to kick my cold's butt

Hey Girl Feel Better

Hey Girl Tea
Don’t let a cold or flu take you off your game – fight back with some immune system boosting herbal tea! This natural hot beverage has everything you need to stick it to the [...]