...to own the Libs!

Trumpy Bear

trumpy bear
Looking for a new way to own the Libs? Need a gift for the MAGA fan on your list? This epic bear with a strong resemblance to the POTUS is a great way to [...]
...to finally have more than peach fuzz.

Costume Beard and Mustache

Fake beard and mustache
Looking to finally find the facial hair of your dreams? Need a quick fix for a botched buzz? This almost realistic costume beard will beef up your profile and save you from the scruffy [...]
...to take my workout on the road

Kettlebell Weight Grip

Kettle Bell Grip
Take your kettle bell workout on the road! The KettleGryp handle allows you to turn a regular dumbbell into a kettle bell and keep your routine consistent. It is made in the U.S. from [...]
...to surf in bed

Bean Bag Tablet Holder

Tablet bean bag
Tired of the iPad pillow prop? Having a hard time keeping your kindle up? Buy ’em a bean bag! This ingenious little tablet holder allows you to use your phone or tablet in a [...]
...to breathe through my nose again

Neti Pot Sinus Cleaner

Neti Pot
Clear congestion and sluice the snot from your sinuses with the ComfyPot sinus rinse. The comfortable silicon nozzles make a tight seal against your nostril to prevent spillage, and the ceramic pot is dishwasher [...]
...to track my health and fitness

Urban Health Tracker Leaf

Urban Leaf Health Tracker
Forget the FitBit – this beautiful little leaf can track your steps, the distance you’ve moved, and the calories you’ve burned. It also is synced wirelessly with an app (Apple or Android), and can [...]
...to strut like a sunfish

Fish Sneakers

Fish Sneakers
Scale up your footwear with these fresh fish-styled sneakers from Groove Bags. Once you start catching looks from fish lovers you’ll be glad you netted a pair of these eye-catching shoes. Available in both [...]
...to fire the landscaper

Robotic Lawnmower

Robotic Lawnmower
Keep your keister on the couch, and leave the landscaping to the droids. This rechargeable robotic lawnmower will take care of cutting the grass and then return to its charging station, so you can [...]
...to build and defend

Minecraft Sword & Pickaxe

Minecraft Sword Axe
Manage mobs and mine for minerals with this handy 2-for-1 Minecraft tool. This plastic pickaxe transfors into a diamond sword – perfect for fighting off zombies, wolves, spiders, or even the enderdragon. Diamond ore [...]
...to kick flip like Tony Hawk

Skateboard Trick Trainer

Skateboard Trainer
Tired of kissing the concrete every time you try an Ollie? Is learning to kick flip kicking your butt? Let these brilliant rubber slip-ons stop your wheels so you can stop falling while you [...]